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This recruitment database has received Virginia Tech IRB approval (19-1151).

Adults’ Mobile Learning Research Opportunity

Age: 18-25 or 55-58 years

Study Description: We are looking for adults between 18 to 25 years or 55 to 80 years of age to participate in a study about adults’ learning from mobile media. The purpose of this study is to figure out how adults pay attention and learn from portable and non-portable media devices and whether this is related to cognitive skills and general media use. Our projects depend on your help and involvement, and we will be grateful if you are able to participate. Study participation involves a one-time visit to the Cognitive Science Lab (CoDeS) Lab at Wallace Hall on Virginia Tech campus. The entire visit lasts no more than one hour. Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, and evening and weekend appointments are available. Participants will be compensated for their time and effort completing the session with US $20. We also provide free parking during your visit.

Consent Form: Check the consent form here. This study has received Virginia Tech IRB approval (19-800) and is part of the research projects under the direction of Drs. Koeun Choi, Benjamin D. Katz, Adrienne Holz Ivory, and Gota Morota at Virginia Tech

Sign-up Link: Sign up for a time slot here

Questions? Contact Professor Koeun Choi at, Office: (540) 231-5720, or Lab: (540)-231-2015

Where? CoDeS Lab at 400 Wallace Hall, 295 West Campus Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA, Virginia Tech (Map)

Parking: Free parking available